The Human Ski-In

Official Sponsors for
The Human Ski-In 1997

On The Mountain thanks the following official sponsors
for supporting the Human Ski-In 1997.

K2 Skis

K2 is providing a beautiful pair of Jerry Garcia design Big Kahuna "fat boy" skis as a prize for the raffle to benefit the Seva Foundation at this years Human Ski-In.

IZBO Prostix

IZBO Prostix is supplying several pairs of their hand-made graphite ski poles as prizes for the Deadhead-to-head Slalom Fun Race on Saturday.

Izbo Prostix, manufacturer of fine hand-made graphite ski poles, is located in Vancouver, Washington. Galen Wells, President of Izbo Prostix (DHo&o), tells his story:

"While ski bumming in The Rockies the thought came to mind to have a ski pole grip that would quick release.

After returning home, I spoke with a friend who owns a pro shop on Mt. Hood and we talked about my new idea.

He told me of a big trade show in Europe called ISPO, but with his accent I thought he said "IZBO"...hence the name IZBO Prostix."

IZBO relies on the best technology in creating its graphite poles, using graphite tubing made by the number one supplier of graphite golf clubs to the PGA tour, the G. Loomis Company. IZBO put there poles into the hands of two of the most well know skiers in the industry and received kudos for producing a high performance graphite ski pole. IZBO Prostix makes the lightest and strongest ski poles on the market.360.604.7124. (DHo&o*)

Clif Bar

You'll have a chance to taste the Clif Bar at the Human Ski-In 1997 in Breckenridge. Sign up for the Deadhead-to-head Slalom Fun Race at Friday nights Welcome and race regiistration party at Johsha's and get a free sample.

Clif Bar is baked in an oven by Kali's SportNaturals, Inc. in Emeryville, California. Here's their story&emdash;It's really simple: we created the Clif Bar because nobody else could. Years of bicycle racing, climbing, skiing and triathlons forced us to eat a lot of "high energy" foods that were so low on taste they were just plain hard to eat. And, Since we're bakers and we love good food, we thought we could do better.

We started with things that we knew people would like. Real fruit like apples and cherries, berries, figs and raisin. Flavors from real chocolate chips, real cocoa and gourmet coffee beans. And wholesome grains like rolled oats, corn meal, rice flour and oat bran.

The finished product is a delicious, chewy, low fat baked energy bar that delivers the kind of complex carbohydrates your body needs for peak performance. And the kind of flavor your taste buds deserve. Clif Bars are: high in carbos, low in fat, naturally sweet, 100% wheat and dairy free. You don't need to down tons of water to enjoy a Clif Bar and they stay chewy in cold weather!

Clif Bars come in seven natural flavors: Real Berry, Chocolate Espresso, Apricot, Chocolate Chip, Apple Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Fig Raisin. 1.800.884.KALI

Not Fade Away Graphics

Since 1982, Not Fade Away Graphics has gone through many changes, yet, their commitment to superior quality products remains the same. They seek to continue bringing intriguing designs which encompass a wide range of interests. Not Fade Away offers a large selection of merchandise which depict rock-n-roll legends, sports activities and express environmental consciousness.

1995 marked the 30th anniversary of the Grateful Dead; it also represents the end of Not Fade Away's first decade bringing you fully licensed Grateful Dead Merchandise. They consider it an honor to have done so for this period of time. Along with the Grateful Dead, Not Fade Away has formed relationships with the families of Bob Marley and more recently, Jimi Hendrix. Not Fade Away's own artistic contributions to these musicians are a reflection of the love we all have for the legends of rock-n-roll. 800.753.6683. (DHo&o*)

Club Dead

Club Dead is an official licensee of the Grateful Dead. Their catalogue is chock full of shirts designed by such artist as Richard Biffle, Mike Schulman, Chuck Hughes, Rick Griffin and Canute Davis. You'll also find hats, books, posters, stickers, patches, flying discs, and other fun items. 800.544.4235. (DHo&o*)

Little Star Designs

Makers of high quality tapestries, Little Star Designs creates unique designs in a unique manner. Although these tapestries look like typical tie-dyes, they are actually not dyed. These tapestries are tied in the traditional manner, but instead of dipping them in dye, Little Star dips them in brilliant acrylic paints. The result is high quality tapestry that brighten your life for years to come. (DHo&o*)

Innovations in Color

Innovations in Color is run by Brian and Nick - two cool guys that live in New Hampshire. They are the sole owners of the business, and have been dying together for over six years. They've established a great wholesale and retail business in the New England area, and have decided to offer their wares to the world. All of their products are 100% Hand-Made Tie-Dyes. They use 100% Super-Heavyweight cotton for all of their items, and will also use hemp products upon request. The dye they use is ultra-permanent, super-bright and WILL NOT fade away! (DHo&o*)

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has called San Francisco home since 1852 making what many consider the most premium chocolates produced in America and the world. Ghirardelli is proudly donating hot chocolate to keep our souls warm and premium chocolate gift items for the SEVA foundation benefit raffle.

Kitchen Sink Press

Kitchen Sink Press is the oldest independent comics publisher in America. In order to see his cartoons in print, artist Denis Kitchen self published his own comic book, Mom's Homemade comics #1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1969&emdash;a time when the counter-culture underground was seething with creative energy. It didn't take long before other artists and writers came to Kitchen to do with their works what he had done with his own. Kitchen Sink Press was born.

Since that time, Kitchen Sink has taken many forms: publishing underground comics by Robert Crumb, Jay Lynch, Skip Williamson and others that dealt with and were aimed at the counter-culture audience. Kitchen Sink diversified into high-quality reprints of classic comic strips and comic books, including Li'l Abner, Flash Gordon, The Spirit and works of MAD creator Harvey Kurtzman. In addition, Kitchen Sink publishes many of the best contemporary creators including Mike Allred, Charles Burns, Neil Gaimen, Scott McCloud, Dave McKean, Alan Moore, James O'Barr, Richard Sala and Mark Schultz.

Kitchen Sink also produces a full line of high-quality merchandise, including t-shirts, puns, metal signs, art prints, posters, collector cards, greeting cards, postcards, statue, toys and candy bars.

ORCA Outdoor

ORCA Outdoor was born while blue-water sailing the Pacific. They were far form home and learned the beauty of basics&emdash;things that work, clothes that last. Their journey called for simple, finely made, durable clothing. On dry land, they followed their sea-born vision&emdash;to design hats and outdoor wear for fellow adventurers. Ten years since that voyage, Orca thrives&emdash;never wavering from excellence, always creating quality. (DHo&o*)

Terrapin Tapes

Terrapin Tapes is mail order business specifically geared towards Deadhead tapers and tape collectors. Owner Ken hayes runs the business out of his Stamford conecticut home, offering rock bottom prices on tapes as well as Dead-related computer software. (DHo&o*)

Eyes of the World

Eyes of the World is deadicated to bringing you superior optics that are built to last. They have captured the magic of the Grateful Dead by maintaining a continuity of style and quality in all their products. Whether you ski, snowboard, surf or cruise the highways of America, we are all linked by the music that sets us free. You'll get a chance to win a pair of these awesome glasses by entering the raffle for the SEVA Foundation. (DHo&o*)

Moguls Ski & Snowboard Tours

Moguls Ski and Snowboard Tours is the official tour operator for the Human Ski-In. Moguls has offered high quality, cost effective travel packages to groups for the past fifteen years and are a nationally recognized leader in the ski tour industry. (DHo&o*)

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