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Ski all day and Rock all night!

Thank you for checking into the Human Ski-In web site, produced by On The Mountain. The Human Ski-In was created as a way for Deadheads to ski, snowboard, and get away to the magnificent Colorado Rockies and stay in touch with our Deadhead community.

Past Activities at the Human Ski-In included the NASTAR Deadhead-to-Head slalom race for charity plus two rockin' parties with live music. We also held a magnificent raffle for Grateful Dead goodies that raised money for The Summit Foundation and the SEVA Foundation.

Hi, I'm Jarid, founder of the Human Ski-In. I'm currently taking a hiatus from producing the Human Ski-In until sometime in the future. I still believe the Human Ski-In is a wonderful idea and I appreciate the sponsors and participants who have supported the event in the past. I have met some great people along the Golden Road to building the Human Ski-In.

I look forward to producing the Human Ski-In again, but until then you can find information about awesome ski trips by checking out Moguls Ski & Snowboard Tours. They can help tailor an incredible ski trip to your specific needs.

Once again, thank you for visiting the Human Ski-In web site. Remember, when you're out bashin' the bumps, snorkeling the powder, or shreddin' the steeps, fly your colors and say how-doo to your Deadhead brothers and sisters.

See you on the slopes!

See how much fun we had, take a look at past Human Ski-In's:

1996 ~ 1997

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